ModelWidthLengthHeightWeight (LBs)Output(ft.-LBs)
 Model H-920′20′30′10009,000

OUTPUT9,000 Ft. –lbs. Torque 0 to 50 RPM Guide Angles Installed to Fit 8”x 21” Leads Clip Angles to Fit 12 BP74 H-beam 2 ¼” HEX Drive Fitting

O.A.L.Drive HosesDrain Hoses
100’ – 0” in 2 – 50’ Runs2 Ea. 1” I.D. x 4 Wire Construction½” I.D. x 1 Wire Construction

POWER PACK80 HP Diesel Engine with Electric Start and Automatic Shutdowns. Manual Control at the Power Pack for Engine Throttle and Operating Valve. Pump rated at 45 GPM, Maximum Operating Pressure 2,500 PSI, 100 Gal. reservoir, 10 Micron Return Line Filter, Radiator Mounted Oil Cooler, 40.Gal. fuel

36”72”67”2,500 #