Standard Units – in. (except L in ft.)

Lead TypeABCDELPile ø (max.)Diesel Hammer (max.)Weight (approx.)
OS 20-0221.5″36″22″47″17″24.6′24″D19-424,920 lbs.
OS 40-0232.5″36″21″47″23″23.9′36″D30-328,400 lbs.

Metric Units – cm (except L in m)

Lead TypeABCDELPile ø (max.)Diesel Hammer (max.)Weight (approx.)
OS 20-0254.691.455.9119.443.27.561D19-422231.7 kg
OS 40-0282.691.453.3119.458.47.391.4D30-323810.2 kg


Standard Units – inches (except L in ft.)

Lead TypeA (guiding rails)BCDLPile Sizes with Guide ShoesDiesel Hammer (max.)Approx. Weight of Lead Frame with Drive Plate
OS 9854.5″ x 8″ 68.5″ x 12″123″50.3″61.5″36.7′96″, 84″ 72″, 66″D200-4261,400 lbs.
OS 12054.5″ x 8″ 68.5″ x 12″145″62″60″145′96″, 84″ 72″, 66″D200-4299,500 lbs.

Metric Units – centimeters (except L in m)

Lead TypeABCDLPile ø (max.)Diesel Hammer (max.)Weight (approx.)
OS 98138.4 x 20.3 174 x 30.5312.4127.8156.211.2244, 213, 183, 168D200-4227,851 kg
OS 120138.4 x 20.3 174 x 30.5368.3157.5152.444.2244, 213, 183, 168D200-4245,132 kg


Standard Units – inches (except L in feet)

Lead TypeABCDLE (Cushion)Pile ø (max.)Diesel Hammer (max.)Weight (approx.)
A 104-3642.5″58.5″29″62.5″27.2′23″36″D62-2212,000 lbs.
A 104-36-CM42.5″58.5″29″62.5″27.2′23″36″D62-2215,000 lbs.
A 104-4248.5″66.5″37″72″36′27″42″D138-3218,400 lbs.
A 104-42-CM48.5″66.5″37″72″36′27″42″D138-3228,000 lbs.
A 104-4854.5″72.5″37″75″36′27″48″D180-3222,500 lbs.
A 104-48-CM54.5″72.5″37″75″36′27″48″D180-3226,500 lbs.
A 104-6666.5″84.5″38.5″84″40′27″60″D180-3226,500 lbs.
A 104-66-CM66.5″84.5″38.5″85″40′27″66″D180-3242,300 lbs.
OS 200-6068.5″60″46.5″97″41′37″60″D200-4265,000 lbs.

Metric Units – centimeters (except L in meters)

Lead TypeABCDLE (Cushion)Pile ø (max.)Diesel Hammer (max.)Weight (approx.)
A 104-36108148.673.7158.88.358.491.4D62-225,443.1 kg
A 104-36-CM108148.673.7158.88.358.491.4D62-226,803.9 kg
A 104-42123.2168.994182.91168.6106.7D138-3210,069.8 kg
A 104-42-CM123.2168.994182.91168.6106.7D138-3212,700.6 kg
A 104-48138.4184.294190.51168.6121.9D180-3210,205.8 kg
A 104-48-CM138.4184.294190.51168.6121.9D180-3212,020.2 kg
A 104-66168.9214.697.8213.412.268.6152.4D180-3212,020.2 kg
A 104-66-CM168.9214.697.8215.912.268.6167.6D180-3219,187.0 kg
OS 200-60174152.4118.1246.412.594152.4D200-4229,483.5 kg