HPSI has years of experience in developing hydraulic winching systems for marine and heavy contractor.

  • Hydraulic Winch Systems- Featuring Pullmaster, Lantec and Braden
  • Hydraulic Winches and HPSI Power Packs and Control Systems.
  • Barge Movers
  • Fairleads
  • Deck Guides Sheaves
  • Add on Crane Drums
  • Electric, Diesel, Gasoline, or Hydraulic Powered Units
  • Tower Hoists with or without Swinger
  • Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Infra Red & Radio Remote Controls Available

winch system

hydraulic winch system

System simplicity and reliable components are the design criteria on which we have developed a reputation for excellence. HPSI has the expertise and flexibility to satisfy your winching and hoisting requirements for anchor, spud, positioning, hoisting or other special service. Winching Problems? You can count on HPSI for the solution.

HPSI also offers custom design and fabrication of special drives and structural lifting systems.

Hydraulic Power Systems Inc. has years of experience helping customers solve unique problems, related to special one of a kind situations. In addition to winching and hoisting systems, we design complex material handling drives for conveyors, tunnel service equipment, and a variety of other unusual construction applications. Control systems range from simple manual levers and pedals, to sophisticated radio remotes or programmable controllers.

HPSI can supply all your hoist and winch accessories including: blocks, fairleads, horizontal and vertical deck guide sheaves, fleeting sheaves, level winds, footage counters, and line tension measuring systems.

Count on HPSI to respond promptly to all your winching, hoisting and special drive inquiries. Let our experience work for you today.

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